[BLML] Tuesday night at the Belconnen Bridge Club [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Hans van Staveren sater at xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 19 10:30:03 CET 2012


> WEST......NORTH.....EAST......SOUTH
> ---.......3NT(1)....???(2)
> (1) Undiscussed. You know that your semi-pro pard does not know your 
> personal preferred agreement for a 3NT opening. But, both you and your 
> semi-pro pard know that:
> (a) Half the partnerships at this semi-social bridge club define a 3NT 
> opening as 25-27 hcp, balanced.
> (b) Half the partnerships at this semi-social bridge club play the 
> Gambling 3NT, showing a solid minor.
> (2) Pauline Hanson (East), "Please explain."
> You, South, hold:
> J943
> T7
> KT8742
> 7
> What explanation of your semi-pro pard's 3NT bid do you give?


None. I leave the table and let him explain it.

As usual I disagree here. If you let your partner explain he might explain
what he has. Am I the only one that sees that that is wrong?

The explanation already suggested by RH is correct. Undiscussed, half play
this, half play that.
And your hand is irrelevant for the explanation.

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