[BLML] I think my pd made a misbid

laval dubreuil lavaldubreuil at xplornet.com
Mon Nov 19 00:22:49 CET 2012

Hi all,

N        S
2D(1)   2S(2)
2NT(3)  3C
3S(4)   3NT

(1) alerted as 4=4=4=1 or 5=4=4=0 (Roman)
(2) alerted as forcing to game, any shape
(3) alerted as spade singleton or void
(4) when asked, S said, after some hesitation, that 3S should show a stiff
spade honor, searching for 3NT.

S bid 3NT with J-9-x-x in S. N, having also 4 cards in S, mmisbid on 2NT.
The spade lead gave a top to N-S.

The first three alerts was as agreements. There was no agreement about 3S,
but S gave the more logic explanation and acted accordingly. So I think
there was no misinformation and no redress should be allowed (Law 75).

If S is not sure about 3S, should he add something like "May be my pd misbid
on 2NT and 3S, but normally the S should be his short suit ?".  

Laval Du Breuil

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