[BLML] Conceding a knockout match while 80-odd impsahead?[SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

David Grabiner grabiner at alumni.princeton.edu
Fri Nov 16 02:40:10 CET 2012

"Henk Uijterwaal" <henk.uijterwaal at gmail.com> writes:

> On 15/11/2012 12:57, Ben Schelen wrote:
>> Hans,
>> Kojak vertelde mij eens dat twee dames naar hem toekwamen om hem te vertellen
>> dat zij de volgende zittingen niet meer zouden meespelen en naar huis gingen:
>> zij hadden geen kansen meer.
>> Kojak zei toen het volgende: ik zal jullie in de jas helpen, ik zal jullie
>> begeleiden op de trap, ik zal een taxi voor jullie roepen, maar als jullie nu
>> naar huis gaan, zal ik ervoor zorgen dat jullie de laatste kaart hebben 
>> gelegd
>> in Tournament Bridge.
> Translated:
> Kojak once told me that 2 ladies came to him to tell him that they would not
> play in the remaining sessions and were going home.  They had no chance to win
> the event anymore.
> Kojak then said: I'll get your coats, escort you down the stairs, hail a cab,
> but if you leave now, I'm make sure that this was the last card you've ever
> played in a bridge tournament.
> - - -
> I'm slightly surprised by this statement, considering that withdrawing from an
> event is something that frequently happens in the US.  (At least, orders of
> magnitude more than in Europe).

Even in the US, a withdrawal is only allowed if it will not disrupt the 
tournament; a team which wishes to withdraw should ask the director for 
permission.  Withdrawing in the middle of a two-session round-robin or a pairs 
game with a two-session movement will create byes and may be unfair to the 

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