[BLML] Agreed draw?

ton t.kooyman at worldonline.nl
Mon Nov 12 09:46:11 CET 2012

Ok clever Jerry, please find such decent economist and let him solve this
problem. It also will solve similar problems in soccer (worldchampiomships),
chess and probably many other sports where nobody has been able yet to find
this decent man. 


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Instead of blaming the contestants who attempt to maximize their overall
benefit by losing or drawing, why not blame the organizers for setting up
matches with no incentive to win?  Personally, I would be inclined to put
the blame 100% on the organizers, and 0% on the contestants.

It takes a lot of brass to set up contests with no advantages to winning and
then to claim that contestants who follow the incentives they had no hand in
creating are "unsportsmanlike."

If organizers cannot figure out how to set up contests without these
problems, then give a decent economist a call to help you.

Jerry Fusselman
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