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ahhh, found a minute of the WBF LC from 08.10.2010 in Philadelphia :)

"14. With reference to Law 72A the subject of so-termed ‘dumping’ was
discussed. It was agreed this is a matter belonging to regulations. It
was noted that there exist widely diverging opinions on the subject;
the WBF asserts that players must play to win “at all times and in all
circumstances”, reports suggest that the ACBL calls upon players to
play to win every board, the English Bridge Union finds no objection
to players who try to lose a match with the object of having the best
chance of winning the event, and others have advocated that the
object should always be to win a session or a match (which it is
believed is the substance of the WBF stance.) It was observed that a
side that believes it has the upper hand in a match must surely be
within its rights if its aim is to avoid swings."

Some years ago I remember attending a qualifying round for a
National Event. The qualifying conditions were the top six teams
plus any ties for sixth place.

It was suggested that if ALL teams agreed to pass out all the boards
everyone could go home and everyone would qualify.

The suggestion was not serious and of course it did not happen.
It does of course meet the EBU criterion of maximising a team's
chance of winning the overall event and therefor appears to be legal.
(At least in England)

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