[BLML] Agreed draw?

Peter Eidt petereidt at t-online.de
Sun Nov 11 21:28:25 CET 2012

Von: "Hans van Staveren" <sater at xs4all.nl>
> Ok, it took a while but this law 72A is of course the obvious law.
> However: 
> What is a score?

IIRC we (European TDs) were told by members of the WBF LC
- because of the missing definition of score - to fill the gap in
our respective NBO by "defining" it in the (General) CoC for a
(specific) tournament.
> In a teams competition there are at least 3 scores. The score per
> board(IMPs), the score per match(VP), the score in the
> competition(promotion, staying, relegation)
> What level score is a team supposed to try to make higher?
> Of course usually higher IMPS means higher VP's, etc, but the
> associated risks are not the same. Trying to score more IMPs on this
> board might in the end increase your chance of relegation.
> Playing for safety for example, normal bridge, reduces the chance of
> winning IMPS, while increasing the chance of winning the match. This
> is accepted.
> Would not playing for a small loss(or a draw) in a match, while thus
> optimizing your chance of not getting relegated, be also acceptable? 
> This is not(necessarily) my point of view. I am trying to get a feel
> for what should be the rule, if such a rule can be formulated at all.
> Hans
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> > Last round of the Dutch top teams competition. Representatives of
> > two teams that play each other in the last round come to me: Are
> > they allowed to agree to pass out all boards in the last round? That
> > would give them a draw, and would suit them fine.
> > 
> > I did not like this too much, but what legal recourse do I have
> > against it?
> > 
> Law 72 A:
> "Duplicate bridge tournaments should be played in strict accordance
> with the Laws.
> The chief object is to obtain a higher score than other contestants
> whilst complying with the lawful procedures and ethical standards set
> out in these laws."
> > I figured something out, and furthermore it turned out their
> > teammates disagreed about it anyhow, but the theory is still
> > interesting.

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