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I agree with this - it's the reason I think the newer revoke laws were a
step backward.

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> Let me see if I understand Nigel's point.  Is he saying that focusing
> on equity instead of deterrence naturally leads to law breakers
> keeping their ill-gotten gains perhaps roughly 50% of the time due to
> a lack of detection while being returned to their equity position the
> other 50% of the time?  Is he saying that this implies that law
> breaking with equity-based "rectifications" has an expected net gain?
> Is he also saying that a higher penalty would lead to less law
> breaking and a more appropriate expected outcome in which law breaking
> had an expected net loss?  And is he saying that creating an
> environment with an expected net loss to law breaking is good for the
> game, which means that equity-based laws are bad for the game?
> If so, I agree with his analysis.  For those on BLML who disagree, I
> wonder if they could point out which step in this analysis is in
> error.
> Jerry Fusselman
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