[BLML] Do Alert rules need to change ? [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Henk Uijterwaal henk.uijterwaal at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 08:50:52 CET 2012

On 21/03/2012 07:45, Hans van Staveren wrote:
>  [nige1]
> - Jeff Easterson is right that announcements provide information on which
> partners can act. A fascinating case at Brighton last year: The auction
> started (1N "12-14") P (2D "Hearts") P; (2H) After making a partscore in
> hearts, declarer said that he was sure that he had opened 1S. Only when his
> partner announced "12-14" was he woken up to the fact that his bid was 1N.
> He was able to recover by announcing "Hearts" 
> and "completing the transfer. The director ruled that the announcement is
> authorised information. 

I think the fact that he announced should be AI, but the content of the
announcement UI.

Case #1: Playing 15-17 1NT, I believe I opened 1NT and hear an "alert"
or "announcement: weak 2D or strong".  In both cases, I think should be
allowed to look the card I just pulled from the bidding box, notice
that I accidentally pulled the 2C card, and change my bid under 25A.

Example #2: I play variable NT ranges and open 1NT in a situation where I
think it is 10-12 but our agreement is 15-17.   Partner alerts or announces
"10-12".  Here I should not be allowed to change 1NT into something else,
nor should use the fact that I have misbid when partner, say, invites game.


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