[BLML] Do Alert rules need to change ? [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Jeff Easterson JffEstrsn at aol.com
Tue Mar 20 20:04:24 CET 2012

This is not exclusively a case of NT strength.  Many other more serious 
disasters would be avoided.  One player opens 2 in major, believing it 
to be strong, partner considersit weak.  Guaranteed disaster without 
announcements.  Player opens 2 diamonds multi and partner thinks it is a 
weak 2.  Blackwoood: one player thinks it is with 5 controls, the other 
with 4.  Doubles: no confusion as to whether it is for penalties, 
takeout oroptional or even something else (responsive, &c.). One player 
considers a bid (or even call) forcing, gthe other does not.  The list 
is endless, all almost always lead to very bad scores.  With 
announcements this does not happen. It seems to me to totally change the 

Ciao,  JE

Am 20.03.2012 14:43, schrieb Alain Gottcheiner:
> Le 19/03/2012 18:22, Gordon Rainsford a écrit :
>> Well, not everyone lies, and even if they do I'd ask them what feature
>> of the hand led them to upgrade. There might be an occasional hand
>> that's a plausible upgrade, but I don't think Jeff's concerns are really
>> justified in practice.
> AG : change the example to 12-14 announced as 14-16, and the problem
> reappears.
>> Gordon Rainsford
>> On 19/03/2012 17:03, Henk Uijterwaal wrote:
>>> On 19/03/2012 17:59, Gordon Rainsford wrote:
>>>> On 19/03/2012 12:20, Jeff Easterson wrote:
>>>>> I don't like this. In some of the clubs I know there are pairs who vary
>>>>> the strength of their 1NT openings and one player occasionally forgets.
>>>>> He opens 1NT with 10-12 but the partner thinks it is 13-15 or stronger.
>>>>> (Depends on vulnerability or position, such as third hand).  This
>>>>> usually leads to a (deserved) bad score for them.  With the announcement
>>>>> they have insurance against this, there can be no misunderstanding.
>>>>> Ciao,  JE
>>>> Not really. In practice we don't see this sort of thing, but if we did
>>>> the players would be constrained by UI. So a player who opened a 12
>>>> point 1NT and heard a 13-15 announcement would be asked why he hadn't
>>>> accepted an invitation.
>>> Well, I guess he'd say that he upgraded his 12 count to 13, opened a 13-15
>>> 1NT (as expected) then rejected an invitation.
>>> Henk
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