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Law 73D2:

A player may not attempt to mislead an
opponent by means of remark or gesture,
by the haste or hesitancy of a call or play (as
in hesitating before playing a singleton), the
manner in which a call or play is made or
by any purposeful deviation from correct

Alain Gottcheiner, 29 October 2009:

AG : I do agree that long thought with a
singleton, in advance of a possible future
problem, is grossly improper, but it doesn't
seem to be covered by the above excerpt,
which considers only the case when the
intent is to deceive. Perhaps L72B1 [2007
Law 23] ("could have known"), applied to
L74 (which considers variations of tempo in
a more general setting), is better suited.

Grattan Endicott, 30 October 2009:

+=+ When I was oh so young there used to
be a courtesy of remarking "I am thinking
about the hand generally, not this trick".
Have we recklessly used language in the
laws that precludes courtesies, have times
changed the custom, or is it the rude self-
interest of the present breed of player that
leaves the subject open to discussion?
~ Grattan ~   +=+

William (Kojak) Schoder, 30 October 2009:

Here I go again.

I don't see where there is room for
"discussion". You have a singleton in a
closed hand which you must play to this
trick. So you stop to think about the rest
of the hand? Why not play the singleton
HEART'S CONTENT? Or is that asking
too much? Is there any other action that
AS CLEARLY gives no chance for
creating a false premise? "I'm not thinking
about this trick but about the rest of the
hand", -- or something like that -- is a
poor excuse for not playing in tempo.  I
don't see that as a courtesy --  if anything
it leads to confusion. 73D is fine, but let's
not forget 73F.

Just for fun give me the "...demonstrable
bridge reason..." for breaking tempo in
this circumstance. And while you are at it
explain "....could have known...." not
applying along the way.


Richard Hills, 19 March 2012:

"I'm not thinking about this trick but
about the rest of the hand" is not only
an improper statement by a defender,
infracting Laws 73A1 and 73B1 by
creating unnecessary Unauthorized
Information for partner, but also
sometimes infracting Law 73E with
unnecessary Deceptive Information for
declarer, as sometimes the defender is
indeed "thinking about this trick".

On a different heart's content topic, I
will be away from blml until 2nd April,
having minor heart surgery in Sydney.

Best wishes,

Richard Hills

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