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Sun Mar 18 22:50:46 CET 2012

Vigfus Palsson:

>Hello all. Vigfus Palsson from Iceland here.
>In Iceland, I have problems about Alert
>rules. 2 large ones.
>More that 90% of Players in Iceland use
>transfers over 1NT and 2NT. Recently, one
>expert pair, starting new partnership,
>decided to use new partnership
>agreement. They decided not to use
>transfers of 2D for Hearts, or 2H for Spades.
>And they started playing. And they sure did
>not alert their 2Diamonds or 2Hearts. To
>play 5+ over 1NT. The problem was that
>everyone thought they were using transfers.
>Sure they did not disobey any Alert rules,
>but made confusion. (And opp's sometimes
>got bad score because of it.)
>Can we do something to make things more
>clear in those situations?
>The second problem is that it is not
>supposed to alert on any doubles (including
>redoubles). I think this rule was made about
>40 years ago because of the "sputnik"
>double which was getting common, and
>common to be forgot. Today in Iceland, the
>double has often turned out to have a
>special meaning in some situations. And
>many players have come to me and asked
>me what to do, because they want to inform
>the opp's about the special meaning, but
>can not, because of the rules.

Ed Reppert:

>>You need to take this up with your NBO, as
>>they're the ones responsible for alerting

Richard Hills:

The Icelandic NBO may wish to adopt part or
all of the state-of-the-art ABF alert regulation,
particularly the ABF concepts of pre-alerts
and self-alerts. See:


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