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Thu Mar 15 17:19:22 CET 2012

On Thu, 15 Mar 2012 12:07:55 -0400, Marvin French <mfrench1 at san.rr.com>  

> From: "Robert Frick" >
>>> question. Only when declarer would find out with all reasonable lines  
>>> of
>>> play that RHO doesn't have hearts left the TD should base the score on  
>>> a
>>> finesse if needed.
> Misquote of the law, which says "any" normal line of play. The word  
> "any" is
> ambiguous.

Actually, it is not ambiguous. "any" and "all" are two different words  
with two different meanings. In a logical context, they can come to the  
same thing. But this is not a logical context.

(Ironically, if it was a logical context, it would not help to substitute  
"all" for "any" -- because the two come to the same thing. The only reason  
people want to make this substitution is that the two words do not have  
the same meaning.)

> Does it mean all normal lines of play or just any one line?

And to paraphrase your question, does "any" mean 'any' or 'all'? Answer:  
It means any.

Consider the three possibilities
1. declarer can finesse if RHO shows out on any line of play
2. declarer can finesse if RHO shows out on every line of play
3. declarer can finesse if RHO showed out on this particular line of play.

#3 is the only rational ruling and corresponds to how directors rule. So  
there is really no good reason to choose #2.

> believe the French have it right, adding "no matter which" in order to
> remove the ambiguity.
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