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Wed Mar 14 23:48:21 CET 2012

Law 7B3, second sentence:

No player shall touch any cards other than his
own (but declarer may play dummy’s cards in
accordance with Law 45) during or after play
except by permission of the Director.

Hans van Staveren:

>Interesting: indeed 7B prohibits defenders
>from providing this assistance.
>However, this is often done, at least where I
>come from, and as the story was told to me,
>declarer was leaning back and actually
>expecting defenders to handle the dummy.

Richard Hills:

Great Expectations. Another example of un-
resolved problems caused by the Lawbook
being silent on rectifications when both sides
are offending. (Indeed it is possible that the
dummy player started this chain of events by
infracting Law 74C8, "leaving the table
needlessly before the round is called".)

As Director, with both sides offending, I
would use the Law 50 prologue "the
Director designates otherwise" to rule that
RHO's exposed card did not become a
penalty card. (I advocate the abolition of
penalty cards in the 2017 Lawbook, but that
is another battle for another day.)

Hans van Staveren:

>If the RHO had pushed the heart five
>forward one cm and then played the
>heart Ace, would it make a difference?

Richard Hills:

No, I would rule as above.

Hans van Staveren:

>If the dummy was replaced by a
>wandering TD for the duration of play,
>as I often do, and the TD heard the
>heart 5 and pushed it forward, RHO
>played HA, would it make a

Richard Hills:

Yes. In my opinion, the wandering TD
has invoked Law 4 and appointed
herself as a substitute for the dummy
player. Then Law 45D applies and
RHO's HA is returned to RHO's hand.

A wandering TD I ---
A thing of shreds and patches,
Of rulings, songs and snatches,
And dreamy lullaby!

My catalogue is long,
Through ninety-three Laws ranging,
And to your humours changing
I tune my supple song!

Best wishes,

Richard Hills

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