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Marvin French mfrench1 at san.rr.com
Wed Mar 14 19:17:27 CET 2012

From: "Harald Berre Skjæran"

> Den 17:54 14. mars 2012 skrev Marvin French <mfrench1 at san.rr.com> 
> følgende:
>> >From Richard Hills
>>> A valid interpretation of the 2008 Lawbook
>>> is decided by the ACBL Laws Commission,
>>> NOT by widely supported beliefs of ACBL
>>> hoi polloi.
> What you're saying is that if my one of my opps go into the tank for
> some time, I have to call the TD in ACBL at once. Else I may forfeit
> my right to redress IF the potential UI transmitted LATER is used by
> his/her partner? That is, at a time nothing indicates that UI has been
> used?

Many NABC AC decisions since 2008  have reflected this attitude.
> That leads to lots of totally unneccesary TD calls, in all cases where
> no UI is used.

Fully agreed, and I have unsuccessfully argued against this waste of time 
for years.
> Over here normal procedure is for me or my partner to ask opps if they
> agree there's been a long hesitation. If they do, nothing happens in
> all cases where no UI is used later. Only if they disagree about the
> hesitation, TD is called at this time.

But who calls?? Not you, according to the law. That is, unless you call 
attention to their failure to do so. Then an irregularity has been noted by 
you and the TD must be called by someone at the table. If you don't teach 
them the law (which is not your job), then it is they who should call the 
TD, not you.
> I can't believe none of them understand this law, since it is (should
> be) impossible to misunderstand it. There's nothing there to interpret
> in any way. I suppose you mean none of them agree that this is how the
> law should be.

Some may understand it, I haven't questioned everyone. The others do not say 
it's what the law should be, but what current law is. One trouble is that 
the ACBL opted to require a TD call in the previous version of the Laws,. 
but not in the 2008 version. They could have, but they ddn't. It is a shame 
that so many ACBL TDs and LC members seem unaware of that.

Marvin L French

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