[BLML] 2008 excellent claim Law 68C (was 2017...) [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

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Wed Mar 14 04:11:22 CET 2012

Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), philosopher:

"How often misused words generate
misleading thoughts."

Robert Frick's misused words:

>While I am not quibbling with the notion
>that you say, I am not sure it is widely

Richard Hills:

A valid interpretation of the 2008 Lawbook
is decided by the ACBL Laws Commission,
NOT by widely supported beliefs of ACBL
hoi polloi.

Robert Frick's misused words:

>And of course

Richard Hills:

Petitio principii.

Robert Frick's misused words:

>you are not going to find it in the laws,
>as they put no limit on director's skill and

Law 85A1, limits on TD's skill and creativity:

In determining the facts the Director
+++shall+++ base his view on +++the
balance of probabilities+++, which is to say
+++in accordance+++ with the +++weight
of the evidence he is able to collect+++.

Robert Frick's misused words:

>nor do they mention who is to find the
>problems with the claims,

Law 70B2, mentioning who are to find:

Next, the Director hears the opponents’
objections to the claim (but the Director’s
considerations are not limited only to the
opponents’ objections).

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