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Richard Hills:

>>>Also, if the Mirror had enquired
>>>about 6C, is then Frodo obliged to
>>>respond with the hobbits' pre-
>>>existing mutual partnership
>>>understanding of, "Shows four non-
>>>club aces"? That is, may a pair
>>>agree to oxymoronic understandings?

Alain Gottcheiner:

>>AG : the question is less futile that it was
>>intended to be (or was it?). If a system
>>includes strict step responses, and all
>>possible steps are bypassed, is the
>>response "non-systemic" or
>>"impossible"? What if "contextually
>>Following modern practice, you open a
>>strong notrump. Partner staymans, then
>>relays with 2S, first asking for clubs (it
>>might well be that he won't use the
>>response, but with 2S he must begin if he
>>wants to relay). You shall answer 2NT
>>with at most 3, 3C with 4, 3D with 5, 3H
>>with 6 and 3S with 7 (yes, you allow
>>yourself a 1NT opening on 2227 with
>>Now you realize that you missorted your
>>cards and your hand in fact is:
>>Understanding the system, which includes
>>many such step responses in cases of
>>unlimited length, you bid 3NT, showing 8
>>Partner, who can count up to 6 steps,
>>knows that you've shown 8.
>>What's his response to the enquiry?
>>a) non-systemic
>>b) implicitly, it should show 8 clubs, but
>>that's impossible
>>c) by system logic, it shows 8 clubs. Your
>>guess is as good as mine
>>d) by system logic, he has missorted his
>>I vote for c). Your opinion please?

Grattan Endicott opinion, 18th July 2008:

>Incidentally I am not sure that the pass of
>a forcing bid, when the bidding may end
>without reaching partner, can be said to
>be a psyche; it is for sure anti-systemic
>and I would account it a matter of general
>bridge knowledge that it constitutes a
>grandma's warning that all is not as it
>seemed. +=+

Matchpoint pairs
Dlr: North
Vul: North-South

The bidding has gone:


(1) 22-23 hcp balanced
(2) Transfer to spades
(3) Super-accept in spades, cue-bidding
the ace of clubs

You, South, hold:


Two aces of clubs is "a grandma's warning
that all is not as it seemed."

What call do you make?
What other calls do you consider making?

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