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Steve Willner:

>If a case such as this went to appeal, I am
>wondering which parts would be up to the AC
>and which parts would be "points of law" that the
>AC cannot decide. It seems to me the question
>of "more precise meaning" is appropriate for an
>AC (related to bidding methods and bridge
>judgment), but maybe I'm wrong.

2010 EBU White Book, clause 27.4.1:

The WBF Laws Committee wrote:

“The WBF Laws Committee has noted an
increasing inclination among a number of
Regulating Authorities to allow artificial correction
of some insufficient bids even in cases where
the set of possible hands is not a strict subset of
the set of hands consistent with the insufficient
bid. The Committee favours this approach and
recommends to Regulating Authorities that,
insofar as they wish, mildly liberal interpretations
of Law 27B be permitted with play then being
allowed to continue. At the end of the hand Law
27D may then be applied if the Director judges
that the outcome could well have been different
without assistance gained through the
insufficient bid (and in consequence the non-
offending side has been damaged).”

The EBU Laws and Ethics Committee have
agreed to adopt this approach.

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