[BLML] L26 (really 27) again

Steve Willner swillner at nhcc.net
Tue Jun 26 03:16:59 CEST 2012

On 2012-06-25 9:18 AM, Tony Musgrove wrote:
> The bidding proceeded as follows:
>   West	North	East	South
>    1NT       2S         2C (X)     all pass
> East did not see the intervening 2S bid
> and thought to use Stayman (do you
> have 4 hearts or 4 spades?).

As others have noted, it depends on the exact methods in use by the pair 
in question.  _Typically_, however, Stayman shows one or both four card 
majors and perhaps some other hand types.  Takeout double shows 
three-suited short in spades and at least invitational values.  If this 
is the scheme, the only information the 2C bid adds is that hearts are 
exactly four cards, whereas without the IB they could be three to five 
long.  This is some extra information, so it's a matter of TD judgment 
(ideally with RA guidance) whether it's too much or not.

I suppose in some pair's methods, Stayman could be used on some hands 
with 3 or 5 hearts, and if that's the case, there's probably no doubt 
that the auction can continue.  Otherwise, unless the RA takes a 
generally restrictive position, I personally would rule that opener is 
not barred.  However, a TD who ruled otherwise wouldn't be demonstrably 

If a case such as this went to appeal, I am wondering which parts would 
be up to the AC and which parts would be "points of law" that the AC 
cannot decide.  It seems to me the question of "more precise meaning" is 
appropriate for an AC (related to bidding methods and bridge judgment), 
but maybe I'm wrong.

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