[BLML] Another L27 case

Tony Musgrove ardelm at optusnet.com.au
Tue Jun 26 00:31:58 CEST 2012

This happened the other day.

North        East      South    West

some previous bidding then

4C (Gerber)  4H      4H (I suppose to show 1 Ace)

I advised that if the partnership was using some
such system as DOPI, then South could pass
to show 1 Ace and the bidding would continue.
On the other hand if I had been playing my system
DEPO (where pass simply shows an odd number of
aces), then pass would be a more general bid than
the original intention.  So I suppose I would have
ruled that there would be no alternative to barring
partner.  Unless I again took a very lenient view,
allowed the substituted pass and used L27 at the
In the end, the pair in question were not playing
DOPI or DEPO, so I ruled that there was no substitute
call which would allow partner to continue bidding.


Tony (Sydney)

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