[BLML] Duplicate Bridge Law 2017 Law 9- SummonTD [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

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Marv, what kind of bridge games do you play in where players get bloody noses? I just want to make sure I never work one of those! :)


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> From: "Rui Marques"
>> When I see the amount of posts on this topic I cannot case to open my 
>> mouth
>> in astonishment. In 1993, in Amsterdam, during the International TD 
>> course,
>> Tommy Sandsmark gave a brilliant lecture where his point was that the TD 
>> had
>> a number of roles in a tournament, from marital counselor to carpenter,
>> without forgetting, of course, the technical application of the laws. To
>> change law 9 on the basis that the TD should not be disturbed in his
>> thoughts by players
> "should not be disturbed" in his task of entering scores in the computer, 
> monitoring slow play, and ruling on irregularities at other tables. TDs may 
> not be busy in small club games with traveling scores, but they are a 
> minority.
>> is to remove one of the most important aspects of our
>> work, namely in clubs but at ALL levels included: To assist and help and
>> support players in any way we can. If a player calls a TD, it is often not
>> because he knows that the laws entitle him to do so, but because he needs
>> some sort of assistance, help, support. And that is part of what we do on 
>> a
>> daily basis. So... why change?
> I can't find that in the Laws, but beginners' games probably need a TD to be 
> a teacher, nursemaid, and counseler in addition to legal duties. The Laws do 
> not prohibit that.
> I don't want change to L9, did I say so??  People can call the TD anytime 
> they want, for a bloody nose or whatever, I just don't want the law 
> *changed* to encourage needless calls.
> Marv
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