[BLML] Pointless TD calls for 2017

Gordon Rainsford gordonrainsford at btinternet.com
Sun Jun 24 11:42:26 CEST 2012

Certainly it's better for the TD to be called at the time to establish 
whether or not there was a tempo break, rather than dealing with an 
argument at the end of the hand when the two issues (existence of UI, 
and use of UI) are more easily confused. It's all laid out in 16B2.

Gordon Rainsford

On 21/06/2012 22:12, Marvin French wrote:
> From: "Sven Pran"
>>> Marvin French
>>> From: "Gordon Rainsford"
>>>> Let's hope not. Let's not feed the idea that calling for the TD's
>>>> assistance is a bad thing.
>>> In that case I think I'll join the callers and summon the TD every time
>>> someone creates UI, which could be every round. I don't think the TDs
>>> will
>>> like that.
>> [Sven Pran]
>> Creating UI is no irregularity or offence, the offence is using UI.
> I know that. But my examples were of players who call "for the TDs
> assistance" whenever we think a long time, even though it is not an
> irregularity. Gordon implies that is okay.
> Marv
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