[BLML] Duplicate Bridge Law 2017 Law 9 - Summon TD [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Sven Pran svenpran at online.no
Sat Jun 23 19:14:07 CEST 2012

> Marvin French
> >From Richard Hills:
> >
> > Hypothetical 2017 Law 9 - Summon the Director
> >
> > C. Rectifying an Irregularity
> >
> > 1. (a) The Director should be summoned at once when attention is drawn
> > to what could well be an irregularity.
> There is either a perceived irregularity or there is not. Calling
attention to
> something that "could well" be one is usually inappropriate, and is
> no cause for calling the TD. When and if there is evidence of an
> the TD should be called at that time, not earlier on mere suspicion,
> strong. There is nothing s/he can do until an irregularity has surfaced,
so why
> waste everyone's time?
> Law 16B2 has it right for handling possible UI irregularities. Opponents
are not
> to call the TD (unless the RA adopts the option to require it) until there
> "substantial" evidence of a possible irregularity. At end of play,
> but possibly at sight of dummy or evidence from cards played.
> L16B3 applies to the play period, so the footnote permitting (but not
> endorsing) a TD call before end of play does not apply to the auction

[Sven Pran] 
You (stubbornly) refuse the idea that the Director is there to help players,
do you?

If a player suspects that there might be an irregularity he has every reason
to call the Director for assistance with his suspicion.

If his suspicion turns out to be unfounded then the Director will inform him
and explain why. If indeed there is an irregularity the Director will take
proper action. In either case the Director is just doing his job.

Your apparent experience with so much unnecessary waste of time because your
opponents call TD says more to me about you than about your opponents or the

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