[BLML] Pointless TD calls for 2017

Marvin French mfrench1 at san.rr.com
Wed Jun 20 18:20:38 CEST 2012

I am getting tired of pointless TD calls that waste everyone's time. Playing 
with Alice, I may psych once in every ten sessions, but this Sunday I did it 
twice, both times playing against experienced pairs.

The first was when I opened 1C in first seat with nothing but five clubs to 
the K8. Alice bid 2NT, forcing, and I passed, as did LHO with his 11 HCP. 
When dummy came down LHO yelled for the TD. "Can't it wait?" I asked, "We 
have another board to play." No, it couldn't wait and the TD was finally 
found. LHO reported the psych, saying, "I don't know how often he does 
this." The TD left, saying he would look at the matter later. We were -150 
but they had a game coming.

On the next round my RHO was late arriving and I chatted with LHO, telling 
him why the TD had come to our table. He seemed to agree with me that the TD 
call should not have been made. So I picked up  void  KQ10987  AJxx  Qxx 
and opened 1H, passed around to RHO, who bid 1S. Of course I bid 1NT, a safe 
psych after partner passed my opening bid. LHO thought a bit and passed with 
his Qx spades and 11 HCP, whereupon RHO bid 2S with a disdainful smirk. This 
time LHO thought quite a while, asked questions, looked at our CC (which 
doesn't cover this situation) and finally passed, 11 tricks taken. When I 
showed out on the first round of spades he (dummy!) immediately screamed for 
the TD, again wasting everyone's time. First time I had ever made this 
particular psych, if that's a factor.

Presumably because there was no evidence of fielding, the TD did nothing 
about the two psychs. I doubt that he gave a little private lecture to these 
jerks, as he should have. John Probst would have asked, "Why are you wasting 
my time?"

At an NABC I was plagued by TD calls when I stopped to think. One opponent 
did not call but said, "If you do that again I'm calling the Director." 
Another did call while I thought a long time before passing partner's 1NT 
rebid with my weak hand. Play had to stop while we waited for the TD, who 
defended the call but of course did nothing.

In the same session, my partner (not Alice!) stupidly asked about a 1S (4th 
suit) bid by dummy before passing out 1NT, with me on lead. TD was called 
before I could lead. Luckily I obviously had no logical alternative to a 
lead from J10x spades, so nothing came of it. Time wasted, and again the TD 
said the call was appropriate.

Can't we have something in the next Laws that says the TD may not be called 
in the absence of a known irregularity unless the RA requires it? Evidence 
necessary, not just a suspicion.

Marvin L French

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