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Ed Reppert:

>Funny, I've always considered the list in 90B to
>be of things that are infractions of *other* laws,
>not that just the fact they're in that list makes
>them infractions of law.

Hypothetical 2017 Law 90 - Procedural Penalties

A. Director's Authority after any Infraction

1. The Director, in addition to implementing a
rectification prescribed by these Laws (including
a rectification for an infraction listed in B below),
may also judge to assess an additional
procedural penalty upon the offending side(s).

2. The Director may assess a procedural penalty
whether or not the infraction damaged the non-
offending side.

3. The appropriate procedural penalty varies in
magnitude according to the severity of the
infraction and the expertise of the offending side.
(For example, a severe infraction by a novice
player deserves the mildest possible procedural
penalty of an educative lecture from the
Director.) Regulating Authorities may provide
guidance to Directors on the application of
procedural penalties.

B. Infractions Particularly Subject to Assessment
of Additional Procedural Penalties

These infractions are subject to rectification, but
are also particularly subject to assessment of
additional procedural penalties:

1. arrival of a contestant after the specified
starting time,

2. unduly slow play by a contestant,

3. discussion of the bidding, play or result of a
board, which may be overheard at another table,

4. unauthorized comparison of scores with
another contestant,

5. touching or handling of cards belonging to
another player (see Law 7),

6. placing one or more cards in an incorrect
pocket of the board,

7. errors in procedure (such as failure to count
cards in one's hand, playing the wrong board,
etc.) that require an adjusted score for any
contestant, and,

8. failure to comply promptly with tournament
regulations or with instructions of the Director.

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