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Tony Musgrove ardelm at optusnet.com.au
Tue Jun 12 03:54:44 CEST 2012

Tony Musgrove:

>>>My only worry is that he seems to be
>>>able to compose these diatribes when
>>>he perhaps should be attending to
>>>freeing some of our refugees from their
>>>concentration camps, or at the very least,
>>>dispensing movie tickets for the Dept. of
>>>Immigration social club.

Doctor Frankenstein:

My operation, Igor, is the Jacoby Transfer
which requires two hearts. Voila! An insect
has gained Richard Hills' humorous heart,
while Richard Hills now has the humourless
heart of an insect.

Richard "grasshopper" Hills:

Tony Musgrove's paragraph above is a
slander on me, so I demand an immediate
retraction and apology. :-) :-) 
[tony] I have to start with a quotation from my extensive reading 
"Apology is only egotism wrong side out" Oliver Wendell Holmes
Naturally I withdraw wholeheartedly and egotistically append the
following story : Many years ago our team drew the formidable Hills
equipage at a country NSW congress.  My wife and I were sent in
to battle against Hills and Partner, and our teammates (two LOLs
but excellent players took on the other half of the Hills team.  At that
table there was some difference of opinion, a director call, and some
feeling which Richard found out about at the end of the match. We were
astonished to have Richard call at our table, to offer his abject
for the behaviour of his team mates, whom he vowed never to play
with again.  We immediately marked him down as a weirdo eccentric.
At a later congress, our team managed to win our first match but I
incompetently put the result slip with the result reversed.  It was not
the lunch interval that I discovered my error, and Sean had not trouble
accepting my error as normal for someone of my age.  The point of the
story was that the team we beat in round 1 was eroneously drawn against
in round 2, and got creamed.  Our lunch was lubricated with an extra
bottle of
red to celebrate our close escape,
Tony (Sydney)
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