Roger Eymard roger-eymard at orange.fr
Fri Jun 8 10:52:46 CEST 2012

Hi all

After a LOOT suggested by declarer or her partner, declarer spreads his 

L54A : "After a faced opening lead out of turn, declarer may spread his 
hand; he becomes dummy. If declarer begins to spread his hand, and in doing 
so exposes one or more cards, he must spread his entire hand. Dummy becomes 

Does that apply if the LOOTer was mistakenly informed by an opponent that it 
was his turn to lead ?
IMHO yes, because there is no provision in the Laws saying that L54A applies 
only in case of spontaneous LOOT.

L47E.1. : "A lead out of turn (or play of a card) may be retracted without 
further rectification if the player was mistakenly informed by an opponent 
that it was his turn to lead or play. A lead or play may not be accepted by 
his LHO in these circumstances."

Is the LOOTer allowed to retract her card, therefore giving the lead to her 
partner with the full knowledge of dummy's cards ?
IMHO yes, because the spreading of her cards by declarer is not an 
acceptation of the LOOT, hence not forfeiting the right of the LOOTer to 
retract her card.

In summary, both contestants are at fault (L74), L23 may apply against 
declarer's side if the choice of becoming dummy is advantageous, but no 
restriction applies to defenders if they benefit of the choice of the 
leading side with the full view of dummy.

Am I wrong ? Thank you for your advice.


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