[BLML] Logic (was Klaatu) [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

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> Indeed. Certainly, don't do anything like this on my behalf. I suppose
> my post was intended more as an explanation of how things are (why I
> others much prefer the discussions on IBLF to those on BLML) than a
> request for you to change. As I also said, it may in any case be too
> late for that.
> Gordon Rainsford
> On 07/06/2012 09:24, Brian wrote:
> >> I really don't understand why you feel it's necessary for you to
> >> elsewhere. People who want to filter out certain posters, whether
> >> delete their messages or just to file them in a different folder,
> >> to learn how to use the capabilities of their mail program. That
> >> a far preferable solution to having BLML fragmented among different
> >> locations.

[tony]   I am also against moving to another platform.  I remember I
coughed up $1 only two years ago to ensure the continuation of
BLML, and I think I have about 50c left.  I remember when DWS took 
his bat and went home, I thought I would never again see a thin
skinned bridge director. When Herman was censured for unparliamentary
language by our moderator, I thought, as one who takes the
Australian parliamentary question time for its entertainment value, that
he, like some of those participants in question time, had perhaps
simply had too good a lunch.  So I would say to someone like
Richard, who is quite capable of defending himself in words of
three syllables, or with an apt quote, to return to his accustomed
pillar and dispense erudition until his heart's content.

My only worry is that he seems to be able to compose these
diatribes when he perhaps should be attending to freeing some
of our refugees from their concentration camps, or at the very
least, dispensing movie tickets for the Dept. of Immigration social

Just my 2c worth, so should have 48c to go.  Now that Aussie dollar
has slipped below parity, this is not so much these days,


Tony (Sydney)

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