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David Burn, 13th February 2008:

>>I think that Herman has been unresponsive
>>to the arguments advanced, especially by
>>those in positions of authority, to resolve
>>the problem (which is to say that I can well
>>understand why Grattan Endicott and Ton
>>Kooijman are a bit fed up with him). I think,
>>as I have said many times, that he is wrong
>>to rely on the "principle" that creation of UI
>>is more to be avoided than creation of MI;
>>and that he is wrong to say that the Laws
>>are somehow "hierarchically" based on
>>that principle.

Gordon Rainsford, "a bit fed up":

>One might find that were Richard & Bob to
>remove themselves from the list there
>might be the space for others to start
>contributing again. Or perhaps it's too late
>for that.

Richard Hills:

It is rumoured that a person is proud of
destroying a different (non-bridge) mailing
list by flooding it with a series of heterodox
postings. This forced the original inhabitants
of that mailing list to decamp elsewhere.

Since I do not wish that fate upon blml, I
will take a circuit-breaking sabbatical until
Tuesday 12th June.

Best wishes,

Richard Hills

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