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> > In times past I was overly harsh
> > in my critiques of Herman De Wael.
> > Anyone with a sense of humor, as
> > shown by Herman's love of cricket
> > (and Monty Python) cannot be too
> > bad.
> This is called damning with faint praise -- the only good thing about
> Herman was his sense of humor. Richard is very skilled and diligent in
> arts of slander and ridicule and knows exactly what he is doing here.
> David Burns once posed a problem. I knew it was a trap, and still I
> headfirst into it. And couldn't figure out how to get out. Herman
> in and out of the trap like it wasn't there. He was just following his
> philosophy, but it was amazing.

[tony] Richard falls into a trap again.  In fact we all enjoyed Hermie
whose arguments, however pig headed had some underlying
sense to them.  He had obviously passed a director's examination
and was my guru on scoring for many years.  He also ran a most
successful international competition called the SS Finland pairs
which hit just about all continents.  

Liking Monty Python is not damning with faint praise.  Liking
cricket, and flags are merely idiosyncrasies,

Tony (Sydney) 

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