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Marvin French:

>"No result can be obtained" in Law 12C2(a) has
>been interpreted as "obtained or estimated," I
>have noted in my current Laws. Don't know
>where that came from, please tell us Richard.

WBF Laws Committee minutes 10th October 2008:

LAW 12

When the Director is empowered elsewhere in the
laws simply to “award an adjusted score” he refers
to Law 12 to determine whether this will be an
assigned or an artificial adjusted score. Law 12
intends that whenever he is able to award an
assigned adjusted score he does so; if Law 12C1(d)
or Law 12C2(a) applies the adjusted score is
artificial. Note that 12C2(a) does not say “no result
has been obtained” but “no result can be
obtained”, so that if a board is incomplete but has
reached a stage when completion of the board
can be foreseen an assigned score is appropriate.

2010 EBU White Book clause 12.11, Example:

Declarer was playing 6S doubled which was
clearly going four off when she felt unwell because
the room was very warm. She had to take a break
for about ten minutes. It is legal for the TD to assign
a score of 6S doubled minus four. 

[tony] I think a more likely cause of her fainting fit was the thought
of bringing a score of -1100 back to teammates,
Tony (Sydney) 
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