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Ed Reppert quote from the 2008 ACBL Lawbook:

>>"An offending player should be ready to pay
>>any penalty or rectification graciously or to
>>accept any adjusted score awarded by the
>>Tournament Director."

An incompetent pseudo-Director quibbled:

>Back in the day, we used to say "PPOR":
>"Provide Proof or Retract". You post this in
>quotes, but you don't say where it comes from.
>It's not the laws, so what is it?

It's _indeed_ in the 2007 WBF laws:

"For the avoidance of doubt, this Introduction
and the Definitions that follow form part of the

It's _indeed_ in the 2008 ACBL laws:

"Note that this Introduction and the Definitions
that follow form part of the Laws."

It's _indeed_ in both the WBF and ACBL laws:

"Players should be ready to accept gracefully
any rectification or adjusted score awarded by
the Director."

Robert Sheckley, The Status Civilisation (1960),
on the Law 85A1 "balance of probabilities":

"But I didn't commit the crime!" Barrent said. "I
didn't do it, and you must have known it!"

"Of course I knew it," the robot-confessor said.
"But my powers and duties are strictly defined. I
sentence according to evidence, not intuition. By
law, the robot-confessors must weigh only the
concrete evidence which is put before them.
They must, when in doubt, sentence. In fact, the
mere presence of a man before me charged with
murder must be taken as a strong presumption of
his guilt."

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