[BLML] First Time I Have Seen This One

Sven Pran svenpran at online.no
Fri Jul 13 00:00:55 CEST 2012

> Steve Willner 
> On 2012-07-10 12:44 AM, Sven Pran wrote:
> > Misunderstandings are commonly created by confusing the play of a card
> > with the making of a call using bid cards. These are entirely
> > different events.
> However, in the ACBL (and apparently ABA except NSW), the rules for
> bidding boxes are identical to those for declarer's played card.

[Sven Pran] 

Hardly, even in ACBL?

I am not aware of any law relevant to cards played by Declarer that is
anywhere comparable to for instance Law 25A on changing an inadvertent call?

(Remember that an inadvertent call may be changed under Law 25A even after
LHO has subsequently called so long as partner has not yet subsequently

However, the use of bidding boxes is entirely a matter of regulation and as
such under complete control of the regulating authority while spoken calls
and the play of cards is strictly a matter of Law. 

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