[BLML] First Time I Have Seen This One [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

David Grabiner grabiner at alumni.princeton.edu
Tue Jul 10 01:22:16 CEST 2012

Richard.hills at immi.gov.au writes:

>Tony Musgrove:

>>I couldn't find this reg. in over 2 minutes of
>>looking, so thanks Ed. However, all of my
>>suburban clubs use written bidding and I have
>>frequently had players attempting to write out of
>>turn "1" at which time, usually their partner
>>might draw their attention to the fact that it is not
>>their turn to bid. I have always ruled that "1" is
>>not a bid, just UI, but that ruling seems at
>>variance with the Aussie bidding box rules. I do
>>not think anyone has bothered to write down an
>>equivalent regulation for written bidding.

>Another hard-to-find Aussie reg -->

>Australian Bridge Federation Regulations For
>Written Bidding And Bidding Boxes

>Section B - Written Bidding
>Clause 2.6:

>A call is ++not made until++ the player has
>written the appropriate numeral, if necessary,
>with the appropriate symbol.

Analogously, with spoken bidding, "Two.. oops, it's not my bid" is UI but not a 
bid; I believe this has come up on BLML.  (And that applies even if the last bid 
was 2S, so that "Two..oops" could only have been an intention to bid 2NT.

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