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Tony Musgrove:

>I couldn't find this reg. in over 2 minutes of
>looking, so thanks Ed. However, all of my
>suburban clubs use written bidding and I have
>frequently had players attempting to write out of
>turn "1" at which time, usually their partner
>might draw their attention to the fact that it is not
>their turn to bid. I have always ruled that "1" is
>not a bid, just UI, but that ruling seems at
>variance with the Aussie bidding box rules. I do
>not think anyone has bothered to write down an
>equivalent regulation for written bidding.

Another hard-to-find Aussie reg -->

Australian Bridge Federation Regulations For
Written Bidding And Bidding Boxes

Section B - Written Bidding
Clause 2.6:

A call is ++not made until++ the player has
written the appropriate numeral, if necessary,
with the appropriate symbol. Each call should
be written in the next vacant box working from
left to right of that player's segment of the bidding
slip. The symbols are:
C for clubs
D for diamonds
H for hearts
S for spades
NT for no trumps
The numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
/ for pass
Either / or // for the concluding pass of the auction
X for double
XX for redouble

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