[BLML] First Time I Have Seen This One

Sven Pran svenpran at online.no
Sun Jul 8 19:49:19 CEST 2012

> Jim Fox 
> In a Swiss Team game, playing with bidding boxes but without screens, the
> bidding goes:
> 1C (1S)
> The next player then puts 2S on the table and immediately turns it over
> the exclamation "I didn't see your 1C bid".
> In the offender's system, 2S over 1C (1S) would show a "limit raise or
> in support of clubs; 2S over 1S (opening) would be Michaels.
> The director is called to the table.  The board has already been played at
> other table. What is the right way of adjudicating this situation in ACBL
> anywhere?

[Sven Pran] 
To me this is a clear case for Laws 25B and 16B.

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