[BLML] First Time I Have Seen This One

Steve Willner swillner at nhcc.net
Sun Jul 8 18:09:08 CEST 2012

On 2012-07-07 11:51 PM, Jim Fox wrote:
> The next player then puts 2S on the table and immediately turns it over with
> the exclamation "I didn't see your 1C bid".

Basically I agree with David's analysis, but there's one wrinkle in the 
ACBL that wouldn't matter in most other jurisdictions.  The ACBL bidding 
box regulations say "A call is considered made when a bidding card is 
removed from the bidding box and held touching or nearly touching the 
table or [irrelevant here]."  So if "immediately" means all in one 
motion with no pause, the Director _might_ judge that the 2S bid has not 
been made.  If that's the case, the player can bid whatever he wants.

The exclamation is UI to partner, AI to opponents, as David wrote and 
regardless of the ruling about the bid itself.

As a practical matter, the Director might ask the player to reenact the 
exact motion and ask the other players whether the reenactment was 
correct.  Alternatively, the Director could rule that "held" means "held 
but not dropped" rather than "held motionless," in which case the 2S bid 
is made regardless.  I don't think we have official guidance on which 
sense of "held" is correct, but in my experience "held motionless" seems 
to be more common.  I think there are BLML readers who will disagree 
with me, though.

In most jurisdictions, the 2S bid was made when the card left the 
bidding box, so none of this applies.

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