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Jeff Easterson, 3rd July 2012:

>Have I missed something? This is the text in the
>casebook from Poznan. I can find nothing
>added. So why has it been posted (again) on
>blml? Is something missing? JE

Richard Hills, 4th July 2012:

What Jeff missed is that, although my initial post
added nothing, it did _subtract_ a large amount
of Poznan text via a [snip], thus permitting a clear
focus on the point of the initial post, the process
used by the Appeals Committee in its reasoning.

Richard Hills, 3rd June 2004:

reminds me of a classic humorous article which
was published in The Bridge World half-a-
century ago. The author proposed the creation
of an official called The Subtractor.

One could summon The Subtractor in a variety
of circumstances. For example:

(a) You are playing in a Life Master pairs.  An
LOL opponent ridiculously underbids to a
partial, but scores a top when the rest of the
field is failing in game due to unexpected bad
breaks. By calling "Subtractor!", your LOL
opponent would be relieved of a certain
number of masterpoints by The Subtractor for
their bad bidding. Eventually your LOL
opponent would have lost so many
masterpoints that they would no longer be
eligible to play in a Life Master pairs and
distort its scoring.

(b) You irrationally blunder. Rather than seethe
upon your stupidity, you call "Subtractor!",
have some of your masterpoints removed, and
now are better able to concentrate on the next

Best wishes,

Richard Hills
DIAC Social Club movies coordinator

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