[BLML] Dummy's missing card and claim

Łukasz Kalbarczyk l.kalbarczyk at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 10:55:36 CEST 2012

Hello :)

I'd like to show you the abstract of the problem only :)

We have (in trumps):

LHO                RHO
x                      10xx

Declarer plays the ace (small, small, small),
then the Q and when the LHO played a card in any other suit,
declarer says: "so, 2 tricks for you: K and 10".

But, at this time, both opponents say: "but we don't have the K".

King was the lost/missing card, not showed in the dummy before the claim.

So, we have the claim - and the declarer:

1) can not lose any trick, he has the King in the dummy now and wins all 
of the last tricks
2) could lose the 10, because the "missing king" is an "extraneous" 
that wasn't showed during the play


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