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Nigel Guthrie:

>That does not ensure that  the law is simple or
>fair. Bridge law seems to protect the law-
>breaker from  interference by directors unless
>the victim notices the infraction, knows it is an
>infraction, and can be bothered to report it.

Richard Hills:

"Law-breaker" = offending side, "victim" = non-
offending side. Nigel Guthrie should use
correct terminology. Nigel often creates posts
with cogent reasoning and excellent ideas.
But Niigel does himself no favours with his
repeated attempts to coerce other blmlers to
his point of view by framing his arguments with
florid phrases.

Nigel's substantive point is indeed cogent.
Some intentional infractions may initially go
unnoticed by the Disciplinary Committee. But
the key word is "initially".

Hercule Poirot:

"Murder is a habit."

Richard Hills:

Cheating is a habit. One advantage of the
statistical nature of duplicate bridge is that
once suspicion is aroused it is easy to
amass data to prove the guilt or innocence
of an alleged cheat.

In my youth I was accused of being a cheat
for choosing a takeout double of 1H with only
10 hcp but with a perfect 4-1-4-4 shape. And
obviously the amassed data on my behaviour
meant that I did not therefore receive a life
ban from bridge. Although my favourite bridge
partner, Hashmat Ali, lives in hope that a
Disciplinary Committee will impose upon me a
life ban from doubling partscores into game.

Best wishes,

Richard Hills

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