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On 27/04/2012 10:25 AM, Robert Frick wrote:
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>> Robert Frick:
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> Since this is so important, I will respond. You define a Platonic idea of
> fairness. Obvioulsy, I *can* apply this Platonic idea to the current laws.
> You state I *should not*. Actually, that no one should. Actually, you
> don't seem kind to people who don't. You pretty much fit the following
> description, right?
> "It is important to obey laws, dictums and social conventions because of
> their importance in maintaining a functioning society...If one person
> violates a law, perhaps everyone would -- thus there is an obligation and
> a duty to uphold laws and rules. When someone does violate a law, it is
> morally wrong..."
> There are other ways of being moral
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Kohlberg's_stages_of_moral_development).
> I am from a country that celebrates a bunch of thugs throwing precious tea
> overboard. Our founding fathers were all outlaws. The only American to get
> his own day (Martin Luther King) felt morally obligated to break laws.
> President Lincoln as far as I know obeyed the laws, but he once argued in
> trial that if the laws were followed, his client should lose, but that the
> laws should not be followed. He won his case.
> My hero is Mahatma Gandhi, who made an art out of breaking laws.
> And for all that, I follow the bridge laws. When the laws address a
> situation and tell me what to do, I do it. L84B. But when a situation is
> not clearly covered by the laws, and when the following the laws like a
> headless chicken leads to a bad ruling (Platonically speaking), then I do
> what most directors do -- I give the good ruling (Platonically speaking).
> And what am I supposed to do when a law is simple wrong? Or I can't tell
> if the law is right or wrong?
> Oddly enough, I am trying to build the world that we both want to live in
> -- where directors can read the laws and follow them and that works well
> and everyone is happy.
> So I think you should accept that other people are different. Even if
> Wikipedia predicts that is hard for you.
I don't think so bob, I just think you have trouble separating your 
games. I think life is an entirely different game to bridge.


> Bob
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