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Paul Newman (apocryphal attribution):

"If you're playing a poker game and you look
around the table and can't tell who the
sucker is, it's you."

Richard Hills, looking around the table:

>>More generally, for _all_ games of skill, the
>>concept of fair play for a particular game is
>>defined by that particular game's set of
>>particular rules.
>>An example is the game Diplomacy. A
>>successful backstab of your loyal ally is not
>>only fair, but indeed such treachery is the
>>main point of the game.

Robert Frick:

>And what about a rich player paying
>someone to backstab someone?

Richard Hills:

Such a payment is completely legal under
the rules of Diplomacy. But also completely
legal under the rules of Diplomacy is to take
the money, then backstab the rich player. A
key value of Diplomacy is that pre-existing
mutual understandings are NEVER binding.

Robert Frick:

>Or a boss getting an employee to backstab

Richard Hills:

The employee "accidentally" writes a typo
on her secret simultaneous orders, and the
boss's nation is then "accidentally" invaded
in force by two very friendly allied nations.

Robert Frick:

>Do we really need to read the rules to see
>if these are fair?

Richard Hills:

Missing the point. EVERYTHING is fair when
playing Diplomacy, except initiating a Global
Thermonuclear War of whining / rudeness.

And the only way to win a Global Thermo-
nuclear War is not to play. How about a nice
game of chess?

Best wishes,

Richard Hills 
[tony] Or how about a friendly game of cards?
             No thanks, I prefer bridge
Tony (Sydney)

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