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richard.hills at immi.gov.au richard.hills at immi.gov.au
Thu Apr 26 07:59:30 CEST 2012

Vigfus Palsson:

>My reasoning for the ruling...
>1. Neither side was offending side (well some
>say that N/S were the offending side).

Richard Hills:

A fully legal ruling by a Director may still perhaps
be incorrect. That is why Law 93 prohibits an
Appeals Committee from reversing the Director's
interpretation of Law, but permits an Appeals
Committee to change the Director's assessment
of facts. Hence sitting on an Appeals Committee I
would rule North-South were the offending side.

Vigfus Palsson:

>2. Because of that, Law 21.B.a. for both North
>and East.

Richard Hills:

A key Law 21B1(a) criterion is "misinformation
given to a player by an opponent". Since giving
misinformation is an infraction, it is logically
impossible for Law 21B1(a) to be used by a
Director when that Director has also ruled that
both sides were non-offending. The Director
may, however, use Law 21B1(a) if the Director
ruled that both sides were _offending_.

Vigfus Palsson:

>4. EBU White Book 2011. 151.2.b  "A call
>placed and released may be changed under
>the Director's supervision if it is determined by
>the Director to be a call inadvertently selected"

Richard Hills:

While the 1997 Lawbook used the word
"inadvertent", in the 2007 Lawbook this has
been replaced by "unintended" (see the 2007
Definitions). So the language of the 2011 EBU
White Book has not been fully updated.

And the reason that the Drafting Committee
replaced "inadvertent" with "unintended" was
to make it easier for Directors to correctly apply
Laws 25A and 45C4(b).

But for the facts of Vigfus' problem Law 25A
does not apply. North and East _intended_ to
pass; they were merely misinformed that West
passed as dealer, when actually South opened
1C as dealer.

Best wishes,

Richard Hills

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