[BLML] (2017) Lack of Mutual Agreement [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

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Tue Apr 24 01:46:19 CEST 2012

Eric Landau:

>What motivated me to post the above is the
>realization that we -- not just Robert, but I and
>others -- have been conflating two entirely
>different questions:
>(1) To what information does the law "entitle"
>your opponents when they inquire as to
>your methods?

Law 40B6(b):

The Director adjusts the scores if information
not given in an explanation is +++crucial+++
for opponent’s choice of action and opponent
is thereby damaged.

Eric Landau:

>(2) What information does the law prescribe
>that you convey to your opponents when
>they inquire as to your methods?

Law 20F5(b):

The player must call the Director and inform
his opponents that, in his +++opinion,+++ his
partner’s explanation was erroneous (see
Law 75) but only at his first legal opportunity,
which is
(i) for a defender, at the end of the play.
(ii) for declarer or dummy, after the final pass
of the auction.

Eric Landau:

>The crucial point here is the illogicalness
>of the notion that the law requires -- or even
>that it is possible for -- the answers to both
>questions to be the same.

Richard Hills:

Yes and No. The Lawbook definitely does
not _require_ the answers to both questions
to be the same -- a player's honest Opinion
may well differ from a Crucial part of her
actual pre-existing mutual partnership
understanding. But it is _possible_ that at
the table sometimes answers are accurate.

Eric Landau:

>Perhaps in the future it behooves us to
>be clearer as to which one we're

Macquarie Dictionary:

understanding, n. a mutual
comprehension of each other's
meaning, thoughts, etc.

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