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EBU Laws Committee, 12th January 2012:

Clause 5.12
Explanations - correspondence from Sarah Dunn

(extract) Player A makes a call. Partner B explains
its meaning. The explanation accords with the
system file that B has given to A but A has either
temporarily forgotten or never really knew it.

Richard Hills:

In my opinion the two either / or sub-scenarios
lead to two different Lawful outcomes. When A
initially read and understood the system file, but
later temporarily forgot, then a Law 75C misbid
by A has occurred, thus zero infraction.

But when A never read the system file, then
there was not a pre-existing mutual partnership
understanding between A and B, thus a Law
75B infraction of misinformation by B.

EBU Laws Committee, 12th January 2012:

The Committee commented as follows:

* Just because it is in a system file does not
"prove" that there is an agreement. It might be
supporting evidence of such.

* It is up to the TD to investigate the situation
as completely as possible using all the
available evidence.

* Extract from Law 75C. The TD is to presume
mistaken explanation, rather than mistaken
call, in the absence of evidence to the contrary.

It was agreed to refer the correspondence to
G[rattan] E[ndicott] (see 5.5)

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