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Tony Musgrove:

> ... And bring back David Burn at
>the same time. ...

David Burn, 11th October 2007:

I recall a deal from a late round of
the Spring Foursomes, a major
English competition, a great many
years ago. David Price and I bid the
North-South cards (it does not
matter what they were) thus:

2D (1)....2NT(2)....Pass......3D (3)
Pass......3H (4)....Pass......4C (5)
Pass......4H (6)....Pass......6D (7)
Pass......6H (8)....Pass......Pass

(1) Multi
(2) Price played this as minors, a
suggestion that I had vetoed (we
were a new partnership), but he
alerted it because he was convinced
that my veto was not in force for
this event.
(3) I, who was convinced that my
veto was in force for this event,
alerted 3D because it was a
transfer to hearts. At no time did
our opponents ask any questions.
Here we were in the position I
described in an earlier post -
although we were not giving
explanations, our alerts in
themselves would misinform our
opponents, but neither of us knew
who was doing the misinforming
since we both genuinely did not
know what our actual methods were,
and we could not therefore apply
L75D1 [now the 2007 Law 20F4].
(4) I was completing the transfer;
Price thought I had a big minor
two-suiter with a heart fragment.
(Of course, he knew that I did not
really have this, but he knew that
he was supposed to proceed as
though I did.)
(5) Price was showing a useful
feature in clubs (he had Qx); I
thought he had a heart-club two-
suiter. (Of course, I knew that he
did not really have this, but I
knew that I was supposed to proceed
as though he did.)
(6) I was signing off in hearts;
Price was pretending that I had a
(7) Price was signing off in
diamonds; I was pretending that he
was asking about trump quality in
(8) My hearts weren't very good.
This wasn't particularly
surprising, since West had a
maximum weak two bid in the suit.

The final contract went six down
undoubled, NS minus 300. At the
other table West opened 1H, North
overcalled 1NT, East doubled,
everyone passed and the contract
went two down, NS minus 300 and
one of the more remarkable flat
boards in history.

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