[BLML] OL In Turm is back in the Hand

Robert Frick rfrick at rfrick.info
Thu Apr 19 01:06:41 CEST 2012

On Wed, 18 Apr 2012 18:27:27 -0400, Sven Pran <svenpran at online.no> wrote:

>> Robert Frick
> [...]
>> I meant L45C2. Sorry.
>> You have completely missed the point of the whole discussion if you  
>> think
>> L45C is the definition of a played card. I am sympathetic to any  
>> director
> who
>> makes that error. I hope you just meant to say that the definition of  
>> when
> a
>> card must be played is different.
> [Sven Pran]
> L45C does not define when a card has been played, but it clearly states
> conditions for when a card must be played. And such play may not be  
> delayed
> in order to take any (other) action otherwise permitted before the card  
> is
> actually played.
> If you believe that there is any grace period after you have committed
> yourself (under Law 45C) during which you may exercise for instance your
> right under Law 66 to inspect a played card you had better think again.

I firmly believe that the law does not say anything about how quickly the  
card must be played. Isn't no-grace-period a new concept in the laws?

I am happy to hear how you rule. I don't actually believe you. I mean,  
what do you do when the player doesn't ever play their card? Procedural  
Penalty? It would be a lot easy if the card was just a played card.

Do you allow a grace period for defender waving his card around so that  
his partner can see it but not actually putting in face up on or near the  
table? I am guessing most directors would give a grace period for this.

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