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Am 18.04.2012 10:03, schrieb Tony Musgrove:
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>> [Sven Pran]
>> We want a Lawbook that meets the needs of a competent Director who
>> understands how to use it so that he can properly direct the game of
> bridge.
>> [Nige1]
>> I agree with Robert Frick that most directors are a long way from
>> understanding current bridge-law.
> [tony] I disagree.  I think only Robert of the directors I know
> and have heard in this forum, has the slightest trouble
> understanding the current bridge law.
> And now for another glass..
I agree.  The laws are written (as has been said repeatedly) for 
competent/capable directors.  Would it be perhaps too rude to suggest 
that the fundamental problem is that Robert is not competent/capable as 
a director?
> Cheers
> Tony (Sydney)
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