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Theognis of Megara:

To all to whom there is pleasure in song
and to people yet unborn
You also will be a song, while the earth
and sun remain,

Yet I am treated by you without even the
least mark of respect
And, as if I were a child, you have
deceived me with words.

Robert of Long Island:

>What about L66A and L66B. I don't even
>know what you think should be the
>deadlines for those.

Richard of Van Diemen's Land:

Robert is trying to deceive me with words.

As Harald observed, Law 66A has the
unambiguous deadline of "his side has
not led or played to the next trick" and as
Harald also observed Law 66B has the
unambiguous deadline "Until a card is led
to the next trick".

But ...

How many angels can dance on the point
of a pin?

As I have observed before, Law 45C uses
the _future_ tense "must be played / must
play". Until such a Law 45C card is actually
played in accordance with the _present_
tense Law 45A or Law 45B, it is theoretically
possible for a player to beat the deadline of
Law 66A or Law 66B.

I have never seen this angelic point apply
at the table. Instead, ridiculously common is
an infraction of the Law 66A criterion "until
he has turned his own card face down on
the table". Partners and opponents have a
habit of routinely turning their card face
down, then realising that they have failed to
observe one or more of the other three
cards played, thus refacing their card and
requesting a Law 66A review.

This request is universally complied with,
since the vast majority of bridge players are
neither Lawbook grognards nor thiotimoline
theognists. (I, a Lawbook grognard, choose
to apply the criterion "may" -- "failure to do it
is not wrong" -- of Law 9A2.)

Best wishes,

Richard of Van Diemen's Land

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