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W dniu 2012-04-09 16:36, Nigel Guthrie pisze:
> Partner’s penalty card, that is unauthorised information to you. Does 
> this mean ...
> The suit and rank of the card is UI? OR
> The fact that he has a penalty card is also UI?
> Could this make a difference to secretary-birds?
> Especially in jurisdictions that allow you to vary agreements after an 
> infraction?

I've found it :


Ton Kooijman:

Law 50E
The knowledge that a penalty card has to be played at the first legal 
opportunity is admissible information
for both sides and has a remarkable consequence. Declarer is playing 4♥. 
If LHO holds ♠KQJ5,
RHO has ♠A as a penalty card (first lead from the wrong side) and 
declarer does not forbid a spade
lead, LHO is allowed to play ♠5 - but he is not allowed to use the 
information that his partner seems to
have ♠Ax. If this results in an extra trick for the defending side, the 
TD should use his discretionary
powers, as described in Law 12A1, to adjust the score.

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