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> There is an opening lead out of turn. The offender quickly picks up the
card at
> puts it in his hand. The director is called, you come to the table,
> It's not a common situation, but it happens more often than other things
> mentioned in the laws. Should the laws cover this situation? I had it
> yesterday, and it would have been nice I guess to have some guidance.

[Sven Pran]
If any of the other three players at the table can name the exposed card
then TD can (and should) rule the card exposed during the auction period in
an act of leading it, and from thereon you have all you need in Laws 24B and

{David Barton}

The OP did not state whether the lead was face up or down.
L41A states that a face-down lead may be withdrawn only upon instruction
of the Director after an irregularity.

A face up lead obviously MAY have been seen by partner.

So in either case the original card must be played.
(assuming nothing odd like a misexplanation)
Any player being able to name the card is nor relevant.

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